Mars in mythology
Sunday, 23 February 2014 23:06

Roman mythology has many analogues of Greek Gods and Goddesses. Mars is the father of Romulus and Remus, who are, as it is considered, the founders of Rome in Roman mythology, born of Rhea Silvia in a secret marriage. Mars is one of three Gods (Mars, Jupiter and Quirinus) head of the Roman Pantheon (the divine narrative). In ancient Rome it was considered a God of fertility, which could cause crop damage and livestock or vice versa to give a rich harvest. In his honor named the first month of the Roman calendar – March, which chased away the cold months of winter. Mars were devoted to the following animals: woodpeckers, horse, bull, wolf. By giving these animals were young men, born of the "Holy spring", indicating the place for settlements. Later Mars became identified with the Greek Ares (the God of war in Greek mythology), so he got belligerent character.

Mars is warlike God accompanied the soldiers in battle, gave them the strength and courage to boldly fight for the might of Rome. On the battlefield he was always accompanied by Bellona – Goddess of war. She watched his safety and was reflected from him enemy punches. After a successful military companies Mars sacrificed a bull or a horse. Laurel wreaths generals victorious, folded at the foot of the statues. The symbol of Mars was considered the spear and shield that kept the Roman Emperor. The shield, by legend, fell from the sky and was a pledge of invincibility of the Romans. In order to avoid theft shield, was made 11 copies of it, which also kept the Roman Emperor. In Roman mythology it is known that Mars  wife was considered Venus (Goddess of spring and fertility), who bore him three children - Harmony, Cupid and Anteros. In the times of the Republic, his image was minted on the coins.

The satellites of the red planet, Phobos and Deimos are also found in mythology. Phobos in Greek mythology symbolizes fear, Deimos - the horror. Children of Ares (God of war) and Aphrodite (Goddess of beauty and love). Phobos and Deimos together with the Goddess of discord Aridai and fierce Goddess of war Enio, according to the myths of ancient Greece, accompanied Ares on the fields of battle and instilled fear and horror in the opponent, causing the rage of the warriors.