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"SFINCSS-99" (Russia; June 1999 – April 2000) – an experiment simulating a long flight crew of astronauts from different countries on the ISS. The main objective was to obtain physiological data about a person's work with people of different nationalities and under conditions of prolonged isolation, also tasks experiment consisted of checking equipment and life-support systems of the ISS. The experiment involved 3 main crew and 4 crew visit. The crew consisted of 4 people was formed at the national, emotional and sexual criteria. Selection test was conducted according to medical criteria from different countries of the world.

The first crew consisted of: lukyanuk Vasily (commander, test-cosmonaut), Murashov Anatoly (doctor), Vladimir Karashtin (doctor), Haider Habigozhin (tester). The first crew had been in a whole isolated for 240 days from 2 July 1999 to 27 Feb 2000 in EM-100 "Mir" (experimental module). The crew worked in a regular mode, completing tasks and not exceeding 8 hours working time. At the end of the "flight" three of four crew members back to Earth. The fourth participant (Haider Habigozhin) 27 Feb joined to the third crew instead japanese Masataka Umeda, who for personal reasons left the experiment.

The second crew: Johannes Bernd (crew commander, psychologist), Bobrovnik Eugene (doctor), Sapojnikov Vladimir (surgeon), Nichiporchuk Igor (the doctor). The crew was kept in isolation for 110 days from 23 July to 10 November 1999, EM-37 "Marsolet". Under the terms of the experiment they perform more intense activity than the first crew. Working hours of the crew was 12 hours. During the isolation the crew successfully completed all the assigned experiments and tested new equipment for the ISS. 10 November 1999 all second crew left EM-37.

Third crew: Norbert Kraft (crew commander, physician), Lapierre Judith (doctor), Saenko, Dmitry (doctor), Masataka Umeda (the doctor). The crew as a whole was in the ground experimental complex (GEC) in EM-37 "Marsolet" from 3 December 1999 to 22 March 2000. However, due to the psychological problems Umeda Masataka left the experiment 1 February 2000. This crew was different from the rest with its national, emotional and sex signs. Also in third experiment the crew can worked with different ways and with different configuration members. Before the "astronauts" were the only common task and there were suggestions to quality work and timelines for its implementation. The crew had to choose the way and the priority of the task. For time spent in EM-37 in addition to the conducted experiments, the testers successfully tested the necessary medical equipment for the ISS. 22 March 2000 3 crew members and Haider Habigozhin left "Marsolet".

The other four crews belonged to the crews that visited other members. This four crews can stay in the experiment with the various configurations was from 7 days to one month. The seventh crew (visiting crew) worked together with the third and completed the experiment "SFINCSS - 99" in the period from 17 March to 14 April 2000. All experiment "SFINCSS - 99" as volunteers, consisting of seven crews was attended by 27 people from Russia, Japan, Austria, Germany, Canada and France. In total, there were performed a large number of scientific studies and standard medical procedures. It was also tested equipment for the ISS. For the total time obtained valuable data on the joint work of different crews and in different conditions. During the experiment there was a small conflict between Judith Lapierre and Vasily Lukyanyuk. During the New Year celebration Russian cosmonaut tried to kiss a canadian. About the incident became known after the experiment is finished, and it was not recorded by the cameras. According to Vasily version he is a friendly, cheek-kissed a canadian colleague. Judith claimed that Russian cosmonaut tried to kiss her with french kiss.