Mars One
Monday, 21 April 2014 14:43

"Mars One" (USA; 2011 – 2035, the number of settlers "Mars One" 20 people) – private, commercial project to establish a colony settlement on Mars. The project includes a non-refundable flight to the Red planet and a permanent online broadcast format TV show. The project is sponsored by various commercial organizations from different countries (USA, Holland, etc.).

The project started in 2011 after all of the equipment suppliers have confirmed their willingness to participate. 2013 – start of accepting applications from around the world to participate in "Mars One". In the first round of the 200 000 applications have been selected 1058. Of them, according to the project plan by 2015, should choose 24 candidates (6 groups of four) on the first flight to Mars. After that, within 10 years will be a psychological and technical training of the project participants. 2018 – launch a communication satellite into orbit around Mars and a lander to test solar panels and also technology to extract water from the Martian soil. 2020 – launch second communications satellite in orbit around the Sun to ensure uninterrupted signal; the start-up of equipment for construction and unmanned Rover, which will choose the landing place for settlers. 2022 – launch 2 residential blocks; 2 blocks of life-support systems; 2 bin unit. Then after two years, according to the project plan to be held the launch of the first ship on Mars with the first four on Board. Until 2035, the number of settlers on Mars is expected to reach 20 people.

In December 2016 the project of colonization of Mars suspended due to lack of funds. The terms of the first manned mission postponed to the year 2031, the original time 2026. The unmanned program is postponed until 2022.