1967 Mars - secret mission
Sunday, 23 March 2014 14:10

1967 Mars - secret mission or "One year on the earth starship" (USSR, July 1967 - November 1968) is the first in the history of mankind an experiment simulating manned flight to another planet. In this experimental flight voluntarily participated three people: technician Boris Ulybyshev, doctor German Manovtsev (crew commander), biologist Andrey Bozhko.

Under the terms of the experiment, each participant could without giving reasons to terminate his participation at any time. The families of the participants were informed that they had gone on a business trip to the North pole. The three testers was chosen by the conditions of physical health and psychological incompatibility to each other. 5 November 1967, they went into the compartment experimental chambers insulated from the outside world for 1 year (366 days). Compartment size of the steel was four meters in length and three in width.

In this space were: three folding shelves for sleeping, a small table, stove, medical equipment, Ergometer for physical training. The compartment dimensions with a precision of repeated space module designed by S. P. Korolev. The main purpose of the experiment was to study the crew in isolation for the one year, testing of life support systems, scientists also needed to know the extreme verge of human capabilities during simulated flight to Mars. The module has a closed biological system for life support during the flight. All the waste products was resumed without feces. During the test participants there were limitations in food and water. The total number of calories was 1000 calories a day (contemporary norms astronauts 3000 calories). Not counting the food was allowed to shower once in 10 days. The noise from the fan heaters in the compartment reached up to 100 DB. In emergency days the humidity was 90%, temperature 30 C, the content of carbon dioxide 10 times higher than normal. Every two weeks, participants took a blood test. All the time, conducted psychological tests and medical research, the events filmed on three cameras. Communication was conducted via radio with the boss of the experiment. According to the participants during the experiment in a closed space any trifle, careless glance or a word caused a flash of rage and anger, also they felt some depression because drank the water from their own urine. To relieve emotional tension helped the journals, that astronauts started during the experiment. On 76 the day a one greenhouse for growing plants was attached to the spaceship. Extra space with a length of six meters and the horizontal bar, helped to ease the psychological state of the participants.

In the middle of the experiment at Hermann Manovtseva found purulent cyst behind his ear which he was hiding. In order not to stop the experiment, Manovtsev decides to operate on himself and thus remove the accumulated pus behind the ear. By the end of the experiment participants almost not talking to each other. 5 November 1968 test pilot left the compartment. By this test it became known that employees can work efficiently while in the isolated space during the year and have the opportunity to technically support human life in a confined space. The results of the experiment are of great importance for various fields of science: medicine, biology, sociology and technology. In the result of a secret correspondence during the experiment (Andrey Bozhko handed a note to the girl in soil samples from greenhouses), biologist Andrey Bozhko married the operator of the observatory Violetta Gorodinskaya.